Collection: Chacon Western Belts & Buckles

Introducing the unmistakable American brand, Chacon. Chacon designs the most beautiful head-turning belts and belt buckles that are enjoyed by enthusiasts throughout the world. Belts are a must-have accessory that can instantly and effortlessly transform an everyday outfit into a polished sophisticated look.  

Find an outstanding collection of exclusive and premium belts & buckles at Pinto Ranch, your one-stop online shopping destination. Our experienced team understands there is a versatility associated with Western wear that appeals to and looks great on everyone. Whether you enjoy a total Western look from head to toe, or simply looking to enhance an outfit with an accessory or two, we have everything you need right here at Pinto Ranch. Western Belt Leather Types Quality is the key when investing in a durable and long-lasting belt. The foundation of a quality leather belt is the highest-grade materials and the meticulous design process. Chacon’s high standards, premium materials, and attention to every detail guarantee your belt will stand up to daily wear and will look as beautiful and “good as new” throughout the test of time. There is something very special about premium leather. The animal skins go through a very special, time-honored tanning process that creates a very soft, supple, and durable leather that offers an array of color and design options. Selecting the right Chacon handcrafted belt for you depends on your individual style and preference. You may want to consider the colors and patterns you commonly wear. For example, a classic brown or black belt is more neutral and blends in with most colors and patterns, while a bolder color and texture will make an eye-catching fashion statement. Cowhide: Cowhide is one of the most popular leathers for its classic texture, durability, and timeless appeal. Goat: Goat provides a soft-to-the-touch feel with a fine texture offering a stylish and elevated accessory. Ostrich: Ostrich is an exotic leather featuring a dotted appearance for a sophisticated, eye-catching accessory Alligator: Alligator is both a luxurious and bold exotic leather featuring distinctive patterns and rich texture perfect for making a high-end fashion statement. Elephant: Elephant is a sought-after leather that is soft like suede, thick, and durable featuring a rippled texture. Choosing Belt Buckles One of the features of quality Western belts and accessories is their versatility. Chacon handcrafted belts, like many premium brands, are designed with removable buckles providing you with an easy, flexible way to change your look. Follow these easy steps: Gently open the snap or screw that is holding the buckle in place. Slide the buckle off and store it in a clean, dry place. Slide the new buckle and secure it with the snap or screw. It’s as simple as that. Chacon offers a variety of sizes, shapes, and designs in their line. To find the perfect buckles for your style, consider the other accessories you wear. If you tend to wear more silver, select a silver belt buckle. The same goes for gold and bronze. Grow Your Western Belt Collection with Chacon Whether you are just starting your belt buckle collection or looking to add to an existing one, consider Chacon’s removable buckle sets. This impressive line features a variety of materials, colors, sizes, and designs that will elevate your Western appeal. From premium classic cowhide leather to the most exquisite exotic skins, their belts are works of art that symbolize American pride. Their exquisite buckles are hand-cast and hand-finished by experienced and talented artisans. Even the engravings and overlays are handcrafted to resemble old-world style sterling silver work. Shop Chacon Belts At Pinto Ranch Pinto Ranch offers an impressive collection of Chacon hand-crafted leather belts and other apparel and accessory brands. We are passionate about quality Western wear and want to help you find your individual style and look. Our goal is to provide you with an exceptional and seamless shopping experience. Start shopping at Pinto Ranch today.