Collection: Women's Western Jackets

Pinto Ranch's stunning collection of women's western jackets pays tribute to a true blue Western lifestyle. We go the extra mile to bring you fabulous styles from the top Western outerwear designers in the country.  

We're talking Diomi, Double D Ranch, Mauritius, Stetson, Time of the West, and W.A.Y. Enjoy the highest quality materials, buttery soft fabrics, and unique features like colorful embroidery, flattering yokes, collars, and closures. Find jackets that are deliciously adorned with fringe that moves with you, linings that take the chill away and cute as-can-be styles crafted from the finest leather, denim, suede, and wool. Whether you are looking for a layering piece or a statement jacket that will speak volumes about your Western way, we have a beauty for you.

Women's Western jackets elevate any outfit and are a go-to Western wardrobe staple. Our collection is not only stylish but also functional and durable, making them the perfect pieces to take on any adventure that comes your way. Western jackets come in a variety of styles and weights from traditional cowboy jackets to modern cowgirl jackets with fringe and unique flirty and sophisticated embellishments. At Pinto Ranch, we bring to you an extensive collection of top-quality women's western jacket brands that are designed to connect with your inner beauty and ignite a confident and sophisticated cowgirl flair.

Styles of Women's Western Jackets

Women's Western jackets come in a country rainbow of styles to suit different tastes, personalities, and lifestyles. Here at Pinto Ranch, you'll find a jacket perfect for any occasion, whether it's inside or out. If you need a traditional western jacket for a classic look, go for styles that feature subtle detailing like a pointed collar, a snap closure, and a front and back yoke. Fancier cowgirl jackets go one step further and boast unique, eye catching embellishments like fringe, embroidery, and beading. Whether you need a jacket for a polished office look or a lighter, fancier one for a special night on the town, Pinto Ranch collections are here to please.

Materials Used for Women's Western Jackets

Explore women's western jackets that showcase a variety of materials, each with its unique qualities and benefits. Leather jackets are classic country and offer durable beauty that gives you years and years of enjoyment. Did we mention compliments? You'll get plenty. Denim jackets, also classic, are versatile and comfortable making them perfect for just about any setting. Suede jackets are soft and luxurious, and instantly add a touch of sophistication to anything in your closet. For chilly days and nights, wool jackets are sure to add a warm and cozy touch of class.

Design Features of Women's Western Jackets

Sassy embellishments, yokes, collars, and closures raise the bar on our women's western jacket collections. We're talking about the highest quality embroidery, beading, and studs that add a country touch of personality to your style. Yokes on the front and back create a more fitted and flattering silhouette. Collars meticulously designed to frame your face adds a touch of sophisticated elegance. Even the closures, whether they snap, zip or button up are extra special and made for fashion and function. If pockets are your pleasure, our brands bring you hand pockets, chest pockets, and inner pockets to keep your hands warm and to tuck away personal items from view.

Popular Brands of Women's Western Jackets

Pinto Ranch is proud to bring you an impressive lineup of women's western jackets that are classic, edgy, and refined. Let's start with Diomi which brings luxe and sophistication to western outerwear. Or Double D Ranch that rises to the occasion with a unique blend of western and Boho designs. Mauritius is a brand devoted to the wild wild west with leather that is adorned with everything Americana. Another iconic brand, Stetson is tried and true Americana through and through while Time of the West and W.A.Y. craft exquisite exclusives that any cowgirl will adore. The Pinto Ranch collection has a women's jacket for every cowgirl under the sun, and that includes you!

How to Wear Women's Western Jackets

Women's western jackets are meant to be styled in an array of ways. It's like your forever fashion partner that does all the work for you. They instantly upgrade an everyday outfit to a gorgeous complete look that stands out in a crowd. Wear with jeans and a t-shirt for a casual look or pair with a fancy skirt or dress for a more formal affair. A pair of curve-hugging leggings and an everyday blouse is elevated with a stylish western jacket, just as is a pair of playful shorts and sandals. Remember to accessorize! Cowboy hats, cowboy boots, and belts with buckles that sparkle and shine will bring out your individual country style and personality. Whether you're a cowgirl at heart or just looking for a touch of classic country appeal, a western jacket from our Pinto Ranch collection is right at your fingertips.