Collection: Women's Cowboy Boots

Embody the spirit of the West. Slip on a pair of designer cowboy boots for women and show off your unique sense of Western chic. At Pinto Ranch, we are inspired by quality craftsmanship and only carry the very best brands in the business. This is our commitment to you.

Shop timeless exclusives from western icons: Lucchese, Old Gringo, Stallion, Stetson, and more. We are here to help you find the perfect pair of incredibly comfortable and luxurious cowboy boots for your everyday lifestyle.

Finding the Most Comfortable Women’s Cowboy Boots

We make it a breeze to find the most comfortable cowboy boots for women. Before you decide on a new pair of boots, there are a few things to consider. What is your foot size and width? What is your lifestyle, and how will you wear your new cowboy boots? What is your individual style? Your cowboy boots should reflect who you are and your lifestyle. The following information will help you decide what style is perfect for you.

What Toe Shape is Right For You? Round, Pointed, or Snip Toe

You might not realize that the toe shape on your cowboy boots will affect the look, comfort and overall fit. It’s important to understand your foot size and width to find the perfect boots for you. Toe types can include round toe, pointed toe, and snip toe among others.

Finding the Perfect Boot Height: What’s the Right Height for Me?

Cowboy boots are available in a variety of shaft heights. The shaft is the part of the boot that goes up above your ankle and around your calf. Selecting a pair of boots that fit this area comfortably is as important as your boot size and the toe type. The shaft plays an important role in how the entire boot fits, how comfortable they are to walk in and the amount of leg protection. If the shaft is too tight or too loose around the calf, the boots will feel uncomfortable and affect the overall fit right down to the toe.

Before selecting a pair of women’s cowboy boots, consider where you will wear them. Are they simply to complement an outfit that you will wear for a few hours? Or will you wear them for many hours standing, walking, or dancing? You should also take your body type and height into consideration. For example if you are shorter, tall cowboy boots for women may make you appear smaller and your legs look shorter.

The most common shaft heights are:

Ankle Boots: Cowboy ankle boots for women or low cowboy boots for women are between 3 and 8 inches and only cover the ankle. They are sometimes referred to as shoe boots or booties.

Mid-Calf Cowboy Boots: Mid calf cowboy boots for women are between 9 and 13 1/2 inches and hit halfway between the ankle and the knee. These are the most common and provide balance, and protection. They are also referred to as knee-high cowboy boots for women because they hit right below the knee.

Tall Cowboy Boots: Tall cowboy boots for women hit right below or at the knees, about 13 3/4 to 17 3/4 inches. The extra height provides a flattering look.

Over the Knee Cowboy Boots: Cowboy over the knee boots go above the knee, approximately 18” and above. This height is very dramatic and fashionable.

Pinto Ranch has a convenient measuring guide to help you get to know the different parts of a cowboy boots to help you understand what style of cowboy boot and shaft height is perfect for you.

Choosing the Right Boot Materials: Leather, Suede, Snake, or Exotic

Cowboy boots for women are designed with a variety of natural leather and animal skins. Originally cowboy boots were worn by hardworking western cowboys and cowgirls and designed to outlast the harsh conditions making them functional, more than fashionable. Today, cowboy boots are worn for both function and fashion and are icons for everyone to enjoy. Cowboy boots for women are available in beautiful authentic leathers. Pinto Ranch brings to you the leading brands that are crafted using quality materials.

Leather Cowboy Boots for Women

Cowhide leather is the traditional material and most popular used for cowboy boots. Leather is very durable, comfortable and provides ample protection from weather and elements. It is also a great material for embossing, dying different colors, and creating lavish designs.

Suede Cowboy Boots for Women

Suede is a type of leather that comes from the underside of the animal, commonly the cow. It is softer and more supple than cowhide leather and not as durable. It has a softer texture and elegant appearance.

Snakeskin Cowboy Boots for Women

Exotic snakeskin cowboy boots for women are created from multiple snakeskin. Rattlesnakes and pythons are commonly used for their interesting patterns and unique designs.

Ostrich Cowboy Boots for Women

Ostrich creates beautiful, stunning exotic cowboy boots for women. Ostrich is a soft, luxury material that must go through an extensive process. The result is gorgeous designs, textures, colors and unique looking cowboy boots.

Exotic Cowboy Boots for Women

Lizard, alligator, ostrich, and even elephant skins are considered exotic materials that are used to create one of a kind cowboy boots for women. Since these materials are considered exotic, they are truly investments that require special conditioning and maintenance.  


What are Round Toe Cowboy Boots for Women

A round toe shape features a classic wider, rounded toe box without a point or taper at the end. This provides ample room for your toes to naturally spread and move around with less pressure on the toes and feet. Women’s round toe cowboy boots are comfortable for casual all-day wear, walking and riding. Also referred to as ropers, rounded toe boots are worn by rodeo riders for their comfortable design. A rounded toe is flattering and makes your feet appear smaller.

What are Pointed Toe Cowboy Boots for Women?

A pointed toe shape features a narrow, yet rounded point and an angle around the ball of your foot. Traditionally, a cowboy’s choice because the pointed toe design made it easy to slip the boot into the stirrups when riding a horse. A pointed toe offers classic western styling and is wearable for both casual and formal affairs. There is less room in the toe bed for toes to spread naturally. A pointed toe makes smaller feet appear longer while lengthening the line of your legs.

What are Snip Toe Cowboy Boots for Women?

A snip toe cowboy boot features a sharp slightly blunted point at the end of the toe bed. Similar to pointed toes, snip toe cowboy boots for women are narrow and offer less room in the toe bed for toes to spread and feet to move naturally. Snip toe boots are very fashionable and are perfect for both casual and formal affairs. A snip toe is a flattering silhouette and makes smaller feet appear longer while lengthening the line of your legs.

Are Old Gringo Boots Made in The USA or China?

Old Gringo Boots originated in Mexico, but are now located in Chula Vista, California, USA to create exceptional premiere cowboy boots for women.

What if My New Boots Don’t Fit?

Pinto Ranch wants you to get into the most comfortable and stylish pair of cowboy boots. If your new cowboy boots don’t fit or you don’t absolutely love them for any reason, return them for an exchange or return completely free of charge.

Do You Sell Women’s Cowboy Boots with Fringe?

Yes, Pinto Ranch has a variety of women’s cowboy boots with fringe adding a flirty and feminine touch to your look.