Collection: Stetson Cowboy Hats

Stetson is the name that started it all. For more than 150 years, Stetson has been the brand for Western apparel, especially cowboy hats for men and women alike.  

Pinto Ranch brings you an impressive collection of Stetson hats that signify the rich traditions and historical significance of cowboy culture. Each one is carefully constructed with the highest quality materials and hand-crafted attention to detail. When you wear a Stetson, you are wearing much more than just a hat. You are showing the world you respect and appreciate a timeless treasure and tradition. Everything about a Stetson is rooted in American tradition. The history of these iconic fashion statements goes back generations to when John. B. Stetson designed a durable and functional hat to keep him protected from the elements. Since everything during that time period was created out of need, he knew he was onto something that would sell to other outdoor enthusiasts, and he was right. This trailblazing company has designed Stetson hats for men and women for generations. It is a name synonymous with quality Western wear and is one of the leading brands in the business. Pinto Ranch is proud to bring you an impressive collection of timeless Stetsons that you, too, can proudly wear and enjoy for any occasion, including casual, work, or play. They are the epitome of cowboy style and a mark of excellence.

Styles and Designs
Pinto Ranch is your online source for Stetson cowboy hats. Whether you own one or one hundred, our collection is sure to please the most passionate country-spirited shopper. Each one Stetson designs and delivers is hand constructed with the highest quality materials. They use their traditions as a foundation to evolve as trends come and go. Their designers seamlessly blend classic designs of a time gone by with more contemporary features for today's lifestyles.

Straw Hats: You might say that Stetson straw hats have it all and then some. Top-of-the-shelf Shantung and Hemp are carefully curated to create straw Stetsons that are available in an array of colors and designs with special details like adornments and hat bands. Originally reserved for warmer weather, lightweight straw hats are now enjoyed throughout the entire year.
Felt Hats: Felt hats by Stetson bring a more polished, professional appeal to an outfit. Again, the finest materials go into creating each one featuring a wide selection of colors, brim widths, adornments, and crown heights. From a classic Skyline black felt hat to a more edgy crushable Bozeman design, you simply can’t go wrong with a Stetson felt style by Pinto Ranch.

Buying Stetson Hats
A Stetson hat is like a best friend that is always there for years to come. Finding the right fit, style, and size for a Stetson hat is as individual as you are. Keep in mind each cowboy hat for men and women is marked with an “X” rating indicating the quality of the material used. The higher the “X,” the finer the quality material. Now onto fit. First on the list is knowing your hat size. It’s as easy as taking a cloth measuring tape and wrapping it around your head about in the middle of your forehead, 1/2” above your ears. Take the measurement and use the easy-to-follow Pinto Ranch size guide to determine your ideal size. If you are between sizes, we recommend going up one size. Next, keep in mind that a Stetson cowboy hat should go along with your lifestyle. Do you need it for working outside, or is it simply to add a country touch to your wardrobe? Next, take your body type and facial features into consideration. A smaller build looks best with a smaller brim, and a larger build looks better with a larger brim. It’s all about balance.

Care and Maintenance
Carefully caring for your Stetson will keep it in pristine condition for a lifetime. Every time you take it off, carefully remove all dirt, dust, and debris. For your felt hats, use a soft-bristled brush, and for straw hats, use a clean damp cloth. Leather hats require special leather cleaners. Stetson's cowboy hats should be kept in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Pinto Ranch carries a line of care products that will help you keep your Stetson looking brand new.

Why Buy Stetson hats from Pinto Ranch?
You can trust Pinto Ranch to bring you the best selection of Stetson cowboy hats and Western apparel. In addition, we always go the extra mile to make your online shipping experience convenient and enjoyable. Start your Pinto Ranch shopping adventure today.