Collection: Women's Western Tops

Our collection includes traditional design elements for every shape, size and lifestyle. Whether you are looking for a casual, cute Western top, a cozy sweater, or a classic blouse, Pinto Ranch brings you everything you need to showcase your individual style.  

Western tops for women were originally designed for living and working on the American frontier. They combined practical, easy-to-care fabrics and comfortable, relaxed designs for everyday tasks and running errands. They also accented a feminine figure, including the shoulders and waistline. Today, western tops and blouses remain as wardrobe essentials.

Features of Classic Western Tops

Today, women’s Western tops are enjoyed by women from all walks of life, including true cowgirls who wear country from head to toe, to women who enjoy a more subtle fashion statement. Thanks to the popularity of Hollywood celebrities and mainstream country music stars, Western apparel is trending bigger every day. It’s not only a nod to our American traditions but for the comfortable and stylish features that blend beautifully with other wardrobe staples. Western tops are recognizable for their special piping, decorative yolks, smile pockets, and fringe.

  • Piping: A trim or embellishment made from a fabric strip then folded into a pipe shape then sewn into the seam creating a contrasting feature reminiscent of a look inspired by the classic
  • Yoke: This is an extra layer of fabric resembling a harness that goes down the front and back of a Western shirt creating a flattering contrast.
  • Smile Pockets: A special embroidery that resembles a smile stitched on the front that clearly defines a Western shirt.
  • Fringe: Originally designed to allow clothing to shed rain and dry fast, fringe is a decoration consisting of multiple strips of fabric that loosely hang from apparel.

Styles and Designs of Western Tops

Pinto Ranch is here to please you with a fabulous collection of women’s Western tops. We are your one-stop online destination for the highest quality brands like Vintage Collection and Double D Ranch. We promise to go the extra mile to bring you an array of sizes and styles, colors, and price points. From classic button-ups and blouses, relaxed ponchos, graphic tees, and cozy sweaters, our expansive collection will make you smile. Select from traditional solid colors, intricate embroideries, fringe, lace, and feather adornments. Whether you're heading out for a night on the town, a big promotion at the office, or a relaxing weekend away, Pinto Ranch has a women’s Western top for any occasion.

Popular Brands of Western Tops

Pinto Ranch is spot-on for all your favorite Western apparel and accessories. We partner with the best brands in the business, all renowned for their high quality, superior designs, and nod to a Western-inspired lifestyle.

  • Vintage Collection: Vintage Collection tops all feature stunning saturated colors, embellishments, and pretty patterns that stand out in a crowd.
  • Double D Ranch: Double D Ranch offers a signature blend of Western and laid-back Boho, one-of-a-kind designs that feature artistic touches for a unique flair.
  • Johnny Was: Johnny is the epitome of luxurious fabrics and Bohemian-style apparel. The brand's vibe is for wandering-spirited fashionistas using gorgeous embroidery, vintage-inspired fabrics, and colorful, eye-catching prints.

Why Buy Western Tops from Pinto Ranch

Pinto Ranch is your one-stop shopping destination for Western apparel and accessories. We want to elevate your look and make your outfit a stunning standout. Our variety of brands, sizes, colors, and designs ensure that you will have an enjoyable shopping experience. Explore Pinto Ranch Western tops for women today.