Collection: Stallion Cowboy Boots

When you slip on a pair of handmade Stallions, you are celebrating a rich history of quality and tradition. It simply just doesn’t get better than Stallion cowboy boots. They are extremely durable, comfortable, and timeless.  

Welcome to Pinto Ranch, your ultimate online destination for Stallion cowboy boots. When you wear a pair from this iconic brand, you’re in good company. Since 1980, their high fashion masterpieces have walked on the top fashion runways worldwide, praised by Hollywood celebrities, and enjoyed by quality-conscious customers like you.

The Art of Handcrafted Perfection
Stallions are wearable works of art featuring unique, stylish designs and patterns. Skilled, expert craftsmen carefully handcraft each boot with passion and meticulous care. Each artist is committed to creating the finest luxury leather goods crafted from the highest products worldwide. They are also committed to preserving the timeless legacy of Western boot making. No detail is overlooked, with more than 140 steps performed for a basic boot and more than 200 for more exquisite designs. Stallion believes that a hand-crafted cowboy boot “holds the essence” of the artist creating it, and we agree.

Unraveling the Finest Materials
Stallion's expert craftspeople personally hand-select every material that goes into each boot. It takes many years to perfect this specialized skill, but it is well worth it. Premium leathers and exotic materials are used to hand assemble an extremely comfortable, luxurious, and durable product. Soft, supple skins like ostrich, lizard, and alligator create the perfect canvas for this unique collection. Their goal is to provide you with extraordinary Western wear that will provide years and years of enjoyment. Take your time, explore, and find the perfect style to fit your personality and fashion sense.

Timeless Designs With Modern Flair
Whether you are a true cowboy or enjoy adding a Western twist to your wardrobe, Stallion has a boot style for everyone. Every pair of hand-crafted boots showcase many styles, from tried and true classes to those with a more contemporary twist. Enjoy a variety of shaft heights, from ankle boots to higher fashion styles. The exotic materials offer a visually appealing texture, especially when blended with other complementary colored leathers, accents, and inlays.

The Symbol of Texan Identity
When you own a pair of Stallion cowboy boots, you are preserving Western heritage through the highest quality footwear. Stallion is known throughout the world, but this brand is proudly rooted in Texas, USA. The heart and soul of every boot they create symbolize the epitome of traditional Western culture. Cowboy boots were a staple of ranch hands and cowboys who spent long days outside tirelessly working the land. They evolved as a worldwide fashion statement, thanks to famous stars, dignitaries, and Hollywood celebrities embracing them. They are now a permanent part of American popular culture as the Western wear trend grows stronger and becomes more popular yearly.

A Perfect Fit: The Art of Boot Fitting
Investing in a pair of Stallions is an exciting experience, and understanding how to get a personalized perfect fit is like an art. Get to know the anatomy of a boot to help you along your way. Then, consider the purpose of the boots. Next, determine the right size for your feet. This process is to ensure you receive a pair that are both comfortable and perfect for you. Pinto Ranch has helped thousands of customers with our stellar customer service and helpful online fitting guides, and we're here and ready to help you, too.

Caring For Your Stallion Boots
Your new Stallion cowboy boots will give you years of enjoyment when properly cared for. After each wear, clean your boots with a soft brush or cloth to remove dirt and debris. Use a high-quality leather conditioner to keep them moisturized. Store your cowboy boots in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Refer to our online care guide for more time-tested techniques for a lasting shine.