How to Wear a Bolo Tie - Pinto Ranch

How to Wear a Bolo Tie - Pinto Ranch

Add a Southwestern-inspired touch to your outfit with a handcrafted bolo tie from the Pinto Ranch collection. Doubling as a necklace or necktie, it is a classic accessory that will add character and nostalgia to any outfit. This icon is a symbol of the American spirit that has outlasted time and trends.

What is a Bolo Tie: Braided & Distinctive

Bolo ties are distinctive for their braided leather ties that feature a decorative slide. The tie goes around the neck and the slide, the focal point, is artistically designed with beautiful sterling silver, copper, turquoise, and colorful stones. The leather ties then hang below the slide. So, how do you wear a bolo tie?

The Traditional Bolo Tie: Classic & Timeless

The tried and trusted way to wear a bolo tie is ageless and always in style. Similar to a necktie, it lies underneath the collar of a buttoned-up shirt. Adjust the slide either up or down allowing the leather cord to hang down similar to a long necktie for the men and a necklace for the ladies. Wear it this way for rodeos, special occasions or events that are formal and professional.

The Casual Bolo Tie: Modern & Chic

A more modern and vogue way to wear a bolo tie is with any shirt, open at the neck. Adjust the slide lower on your neckline as you would a pendant necklace. A bolo can also be styled as a choker necklace for a flattering fashion statement. This casual styling is also beautiful with a classic v-neck, sweater vest or shirt, and will instantly add a touch of southwestern sophistication to your outfit.

The Anyway You Want Bolo Tie: Fashion Statement

Western culture was forged by confident and fierce trailblazers who turned function into the fashion we love and appreciate today. There are no right or wrong ways to wear a bolo tie. Explore and experiment with everything in your wardrobe to create your very own look. The anyway you want bolo tie styling is an open door to fresh new ideas that will become your very own signature statement.

Explore Stunning Bolo Ties & Accessories at Pinto Ranch

Pinto Ranch is your one-stop online destination for Western apparel and accessories. Our bolo tie collection is handcrafted with the highest quality materials by silversmiths and artisans who are passionate about Western fashion. Stop by one of our stores or explore online today.

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