How to Dress Western - The Best Cowboy Chic Attire for You

How to Dress Western - The Best Cowboy Chic Attire for You

When you take a walk back through time, Western fashion has blanketed our history. What started as functional apparel for hard-working cowboys, evolved into mainstream fashion for all walks of life. Cowboy chic is extremely popular for many reasons. Celebrities, fashion designers, and social media influencers are embracing this fashion phenomenon. It's important to note, there are no fashion dos or don’ts with Western style. The way it is expressed varies from person to person. Whether you simply wear a pair of cowboy boots with your favorite wardrobe staples or go head-to-toe country, Pinto Ranch has everything you need to create a look that works perfectly on you.

Outlasting Time & Trends: Invest in Quality Western Pieces

Western wear is timeless. What was popular many years ago, remains fashionable today. Denim, leather vests and coats, crisp button-down shirts, plaid flannels, and big belt buckles are all staples that have outlasted the test of time and trends. Let’s start by adding pieces that reflect the essence of Western style. If you are new to this growing fashion trend, instead of starting with head-to-toe country, ease into your new look for an effortless transition that is sophisticated and as individual as you are!

Cowboy Hats: Tops the Must-Have List

A cowboy hat is a core foundation of country fashion and remains an iconic Western staple. Get your Western wardrobe started with a quality cowboy hat that will become the beginning of your signature style. Both fashionable and functional, select a hat that fits your style, size, and personality. Consider your height, body type, and face shape too. Pinto Ranch carries the top brands in the business, including Stetson, American Hat Co. & Charlie 1 Horse, among others. Select a ventilated straw hat to wear in the warmer months and a felt hat for cooler ones. Our crushable styles allow you to pack them away in luggage while you travel, and they bounce right back into shape when you're ready to wear them. Plus decorative hat bands featuring leather, stone, and turquoise embellishments add layers of style. Check out our blog post about felt cowboy hats for inspiration. A cowboy hat is an investment that will give you a lifetime of enjoyment.

Cowboy Boots: Step into Western Style

Cowboy boots are another cornerstone of Western style. Pinto Ranch searches tirelessly to bring you the finest brands in the industry and is your ultimate destination for the best boots you can buy. We carry Black Jack, Lucchese, Old Gringo, Rios of Mercedes & Stallion, all iconic hand-crafted boots, all offering a unique style that has left its mark on Western tradition. Not only do you want your boots to look great, you want them to feel even better.

Whether you are looking for a classic roper boot that is crafted with durable leather to withstand hard work outside or a more formal profile crafted with colorful suede for a fancier event, enjoy the shopping journey. From intricate detailing and exotic leathers, from low heels and short shafts to high heels and over-the-knee shafts, there is a boot to fit your style & personality. There are no rules when it comes to your perfect cowboy boot flair. When you find the perfect pair, wear them with everything from casual jeans to formal attire.

Western Apparel: Denim, Leather, Flannel, & Fringe

This is where the fun begins. Western wear is as bold and beautiful as you! Mix and match brands to create your unique touch of country. The fabrics, materials, and cuts are designed for comfort and wearability. Whether you decide to go head-to-toe in country or wear a touch here & there, you can create your very own signature style. Sometimes, less is more with your look and it can be as simple as wearing a premium pair of cowboy boots with a black suit or wearing a flannel button down with a pair of bootcut jeans. Fringe-adorned vests and jackets are a sure sign of a perfect country-style look. Here are more ideas to inspire and experiment with.

Denim: The Functional & Fabulous Fabric

Denim is a Western-style dream come true. This is the fabric that started it all thanks to its long-lasting durability and functionality. Today, denim is universally loved and is available in an array of colors from black to blue, white to brown, and all colors of the rainbow. It is also a fabric that is adorned with embroidery, distressed with intentional rips and frays, and designed with fringe and embellishments.

Denim jeans are available in a variety of cuts, from high-waisted to hip huggers, skinnies to bootcut. Wear a pair of jeans with a vintage-inspired pearl button-down with your favorite cowboy hat or wear a pair of shorts with an embroidered vest, you’re creating a canvas for a Western look you’ll love. Denim jackets are another Western staple that gives you endless style options. Pop a fringed denim jacket with anything in your wardrobe for a Western vibe. Layer with a flannel shirt, leather vest, and turquoise accessories. You decide how to turn up the volume on your Western denim style.

Capes, Shawls, Vests, & Coats add Luxe Layers

Layering your outfit with a sweater, vest, cape or coat shows that you have Western style that showcases your personality. A faux suede fringe jacket or blazer raises the design bar for every occasion. Leather vests and cardigans display a Western edginess. Look for styles featuring Southwest designs and vintage details like rustic zippers, quilted textures, leather materials, and fringe. Pinto Ranch has collections that are perfect for both work and play, from casual and formal affairs.

Define Your Look with Western Belt Buckles

A belt and belt buckle is a powerful fashion statement. Pinto Ranch understands that this one accessory can transform an outfit from everyday ordinary to Western perfection. Available in different sizes, colors, & designs, a belt and buckle front and center at your waist, declares that you are proud to be an American. A beautiful belt buckle will also add dimension and an eye-catching focal point to your look. Pinto Ranch carries a beautiful collection of belts and buckles that are colorful, concho, embossed, and fringed for the ladies and big, bold eye-catching trophy buckles for the guys.

Layer with Accessories that Complete Your Western Look

Layer your Western look with accessories from Pinto Ranch Collections. Just like belt buckles-jewelry, bolo ties, and cowboy cufflinks add more Western flair to your look. A turquoise ring and bracelet instantly evoke country chic. Both men and women can elevate any button-down with shiny cufflinks, stud sets, and bolo tie. A bolo tie is an iconic Western fashion statement that looks dashing when worn the traditional way underneath a collar similar to a necktie. A more modern and vogue option is with any shirt open at the neck. Adjust the slide lower on the neck like a pendant necklace or as a choker necklace. Explore the many accessories available at Pinto Ranch, including quality wallets, money clips, handbags, & more.

Start Your Western Wear Journey at Pinto Ranch Today

Pinto Ranch is your one-stop destination for premium Western apparel, cowboy boots, cowboy hats, accessories, &  inspiration. Our goal is to make your shopping experience as enjoyable and seamless as possible. Our quality collections feature the best brands in the business who are passionate about Western traditions and fashion. We're here to help you create your Western style. Stop by one of our stores or explore online today.

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