Guide to Cowboy Hat Care: How to Care for Your Cowboy Hat

Guide to Cowboy Hat Care: How to Care for Your Cowboy Hat

Cowboy hats are an iconic Western wardrobe staple originally designed to protect hardworking cowboys and ranchers from harsh weather. A cowboy hat is a symbol of character, confidence, and American pride. Through time, it has evolved from functional cowboy gear to a strong fashion statement that everyone enjoys. When you wear a cowboy hat you are showing the world that you respect and appreciate the traditions and heritage of Western American culture. Additionally, a quality cowboy hat is an investment that can be handed down through generations if cared for properly. This how-to guide shares helpful and easy-care tips from your friends at Pinto Ranch.

How to Store a Cowboy Hat:

Whether you have one cowboy hat from Pinto Ranch or an entire collection, it is essential to store each one properly. For day-to-day use, hang it on a hat stand or coat rack hook which provides support from the inside. Never store your cowboy hat on a flat surface by the brim. If you cannot hang it, flip it over and allow it to set on the crown. For longer-term storage, or traveling, store your clean, dry hat in a hat box to prevent it from collecting dust and debris. This will also prevent it from losing its shape or getting crushed. A cowboy hat liner is also recommended to help maintain the shape. Your hat should also be stored away from direct sunlight, and heat to prevent shrinking, fading, and warping. Always store your cowboy hat in a cool, dry, dark, and well-ventilated area like a closet.

How to Clean a Cowboy Hat:

Cowboy hats are available in a variety of materials, including straw, suede, felt, and leather. There are special cleaning products including hat brushes, cleaning sprays, and hat conditioners, all helpful for you to preserve your hat's shape and keep it clean and conditioned. Pinto Ranch carries quality brushes and products to help keep your cowboy hat pristine. Regardless of the material, after each wear, with a clean soft brush or cloth, wipe off any dirt and debris. Also wipe off any sweat from the hatband, too. If your cowboy hat is wet, allow it to air dry. Avoid direct heat or direct sunlight and never use a blow-dryer or other drying device to speed things up. This may damage your cowboy hat.

How to Clean a Leather Cowboy Hat

After each wear, use a clean soft brush or cloth, to remove dust and debris. Additionally, leather cowboy hats require specific cleaning and conditioning products like special leather oils to keep them protected, conditioned, and looking their best. Avoid wearing your leather cowboy hat in the rain.

How to Clean a Felt Cowboy Hat

After each wear, use a clean soft bristled brush or soft cloth and remove dirt and debris. If it is wet, allow it to air dry. Store in a cool dry place away from direct heat and sunlight, ideally on a hat rack or hat box.

How to Clean a Suede Cowboy Hat

Carefully brush the hat with a bristle brush after each wear. If there is persistent dirt that the bristle brush doesn't remove, gently use some sandpaper to buff out the residue. Water stains may leave marks and cause the brim to lose its shape. Correct this using steaming and reshaping.

How to Clean a Straw Cowboy Hat

Similar to felt cowboy hat care, you can use a damp cloth or soft brush to wash stains and dirt out of a straw cowboy hat. If your hat has a heavier, stubborn stain, apply mild dish detergent to help remove it.

How to Shape a Cowboy Hat:

Your cowboy hat can lose its distinctive shape, especially if you wear it often. Some cowboy hats, like relaxed crushable hats, are designed for you to shape them in different ways. It's easy to reshape your cowboy hat that needs a refresh. The secret is steam. Steam will loosen the fibers and allow you to mold the hat. First, apply steam, then fold the sides into the desired shape.

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