Buying Cowboy Boots Online: A How-to Guide

Buying Cowboy Boots Online: A How-to Guide

Have you always wanted to buy a pair of handmade cowboy boots? Are you a little afraid of buying them online? Are you worried they won’t fit right?

Pinto Ranch is here to help you. We combined our boot-fitting experience to make this comprehensive cowboy boots buying guide for you.

We’ll cover how to try on boots to make sure they fit and include other useful tips to make it easier to buy the cowboy boots you love online.

We have more than 5,000 handmade cowboy boots at Pinto Ranch, so we KNOW we can find the perfect pair for you!

How to Buy Cowboy Boots Online:

How to Try On:

When you buy your new cowboy boots online, you’ll want to check them when they arrive. We made a perfect fit checklist for you. If your answer is yes to all the following questions, congratulations! Your boots fit!

1 Did your foot audibly pop into the boot?

2 Is the ball of your foot in the widest part of the boot?

3 Is the point of your toe in the middle of the toe box or about 1 inch from the end?

4 Do your toes have wiggle room?

5 Does the boot fit like a firm handshake across your instep?

6 Is there a 1/4 inch slip in the heel? 

Anatomy of Handmade Cowboy Boots:

To make sure you get the absolute best fitting handmade cowboy boot, we came up with this chart. It includes everything you need to know about the anatomy of handmade western boots   

Cowboy Boot Fit Guide by Brand:

Cowboy boots won’t do you any good if they don’t fit properly! To get the right sized boots, start with your current shoe size.

Most handmade boots will fit just like a dress shoe, but each boot maker has their own unique fit. We put together this handy list for you to keep in mind how each brand does things differently.

Lucchese: Luccheses are made with a proprietary "twisted cone last" that doesn’t fit everyone. Besides that, these boots tend to run true to size.

Old Gringo & Double D Ranch by Old Gringo: Old Gringo sizing is very consistent and true to size.

Stallion: We recommend going up a 1/2 size in Stallion due to their more European fit.

Rios of Mercedes: We also recommend going up a 1/2 size in Rios.

Black Jack: Black Jack fits similar to Lucchese and are true to size.

These are our recommendations based on years of boot-fitting experience; however, each foot is different. If you fall between two sizes, order a 1/2 size larger. You can always wear thicker boot socks or get cushioned insoles for a better fit!

Determine Your Cowboy Boot Width:

Men’s Boots-

Men’s Cowboy Boots are typically sized in B, D and EE widths.

B = Narrow

D = Medium/Average

EE = Wide

Women’s Boots-

Women’s Cowboy Boots are typically sized in A, B and C widths.

A = Narrow

B = Medium/Average

C = Wide * 

* Our women’s collection from Stallion are all C width because the Stallion last is narrow. So in this brand, a C is considered Medium/Average.

Not so fun fact: Our feet get wider with age and weight. This can change the size/length as well as the width measurement of your foot. This also means the cowboy boots you bought 10 years ago might not be the size you need today. Feel free to call us and talk to our boot experts if you have any questions about buying boots! Check out the cowboy boots size charts for men and women for more general information on fit and sizing.

Common Cowboy Boot Fit Frustrations:

1 High Foot Arch?

2 Two Different Sized Feet?

  • 60% of people have one foot bigger than the other. If this is you, we suggest matching the size of your larger foot. Using a cushioned insole or thicker socks will make up the difference for the smaller foot.

3 Flat Feet?

  • For our flat-footed friends, Roper boots will be the most comfortable. Ropers are made to fit more like a shoe with a low walking heel and round toe.

4 Athletic Calves?

  • All calves are not created equal. Lucky for you, we have many western boot shapes and sizes. A Roper style, Stallion Zorro or any boot shorter than the traditional 12” shaft height should do just fine. We can also put the boots on boot stretchers to stretch the shaft, but only by about 1” wider. Any more stretching may damage the integrity of the boot.  

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    We believe the right fit is important. Pinto Ranch will cover the exchange shipping on your boots until you find the right size. And if you’re still not happy, we’ll cover the return shipping as well… no problem! For more information see our easy
    return policy.


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