A Complete Guide to Felt Cowboy Hats

A Complete Guide to Felt Cowboy Hats

Introduction to Felt Cowboy Hats:

A signature accessory in the American Western lifestyle is the classic, cowboy hat. Originally designed to protect hardworking cowboys from sun, rain, and other weather elements, it has evolved into a popular mainstream fashion statement for both men and women. Cowboy hats are constructed of many materials, with felt as one of the most popular. Pinto Ranch brings you an impressive premium collection of felt cowboy hats in a variety of brim and crown sizes, shapes, and colors. Our impressive brand lineup includes Stetson, Resistol, American Hat Co., amongst others.

Understanding Felt Cowboy Hats:

What are Felt Cowboy Hats?
Felt cowboy hats are woven into a long history of Western cowboy culture. These hats are constructed with animal hair and fur, including sheared wool and fur like rabbit and beaver. These natural materials make them extremely durable, both water and sweat resistant and easy to clean and maintain. It is important to note different felt quality levels are referenced by an X marking. The higher the X, the finer the grade and quality of the felt.

Colors & Features
Felt cowboy hats are available in many popular colors and shades like gray, tan, silver, black, and brown. Felt cowboy hats can be adorned with hatbands and jewelry-grade adornments like silver buckles, turquoise beads, grosgrain bows, and leather details, adding layers of eye-catching style.

Felt Cowboy Hat Shapes
One of the notable characteristics of felt cowboy hats is the array of shapes, all originally designed for functional reasons including protection from the sun, ventilation in warmer months, and participation in competitive events. Today, whether you work outside or are a Western fashion enthusiast, there is a felt cowboy hat that will fit into your personal preference and lifestyle. Always remember to consider your face shape, body type, and height when selecting a felt cowboy hat. For example, if you are "big and tall", a higher crown with a wider brim will suit your size. If you are more petite, a crushable hat with a smaller crown and brim would compliment you.

Men’s Felt Cowboy Hats

  • The Cattleman’s Crease: This iconic shape features a three-part crown crease with a brim that curves upward.
  • Pinch Front Crease: The pinch front crease is a classic shape with a distinctive crease on the crown, creating an alternative look to the classic.
  • Boss of The Plains: This is the original Stetson hat designed in 1865. It has a distinctive high-creased crown and wider brim.
  • Open Crown: The Open Crown has no crease on the crown and provides crushable shaping and customization.

Women’s Felt Cowboy Hats

  • Open Face Full Circle Crown: This hat style has no creases on the crown, offering a feminine take on the classic profile.
  • Pinch Front Crease: A pinched front resembling a teardrop appears on the crown with a slightly curved brim.
  • Crushable: Crushable felt hats are relaxed with customizable styling.

Caring for Your Cowboy Hat:

Your felt cowboy hat is a timeless investment that will give you years of enjoyment when cared for properly. After each wear, use a clean brush or cloth and remove dirt and debris. Store in a cool dry place away from direct heat and sunlight, ideally in a hat box.

Explore Our Collections for the Perfect Felt Cowboy Hat:

Pinto Ranch searches the world to bring you a premium collection of men's and women's felt cowboy hat brands. Explore and find your favorite today.

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